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MODO loves entertaining

From big-screen blockbusters to TV commercials, MODO offers you a complete solution for creating 3D visual effects. Fully customizable and easily integrated into existing pipelines, MODO delivers powerful tools for modeling, character animation, effects and rendering in one intuitive package.

Make all the right moves

With traditional techniques applied in innovative new ways, MODO makes animation easy to learn and fun to use. What’s more, a uniquely flexible deformation system lets you meet the most demanding production challenges.

Simulate in context

Like so many aspects of MODO, dynamics follow its holistic approach. Experience the power of node-based particles, dynamics and rigging all working with one another within the schematic viewport.

Render film-quality frames

Create stunning, high-quality imagery that rivals any leading rendering solution with MODO's built-in renderer. Support for OpenColorIO and flexible render passes ensure integration with compositing solutions like NUKE.

Integrate, automate, extend

Integrate MODO into pipelines or extend its functionality with the Python API or C++ SDK. The command-based system lets you quickly script automation tasks by harvesting specific code from the Command History viewport.

There are lots of possibilities for rapid, generalist end-to-end shot creation using other commercial tools, but that process isn’t nearly as easy as it is with MODO. This is, in part, thanks to MODO simply being newer technology. It’s further along the curve, so what we’ve been able to do using MODO has been really remarkable. I never expected the renderer to be able to perform the way it does in a million years, and it ended up being a godsend for us on COSMOS, for a lot of the microscopic level stuff in particular.
Kevin Baillie, Atomic Fiction

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