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MODO loves playing

Create games that keep players coming back for more, with MODO's innovative 3D game design tools. Whether it's characters, props and environments for real time gameplay, or compelling cinematics that rival feature films, MODO delivers the tools you need to bring interactive worlds to life.

Play well with others

Easily exchange data between other content creation applications for painless pipeline integration. MODO offers support for a wide range industry-standard file formats for geometry, images and motion.

Model with moxie

Take advantage of highly refined modeling workflows to accelerate asset creation. MODO offers modeling tools which feature automatic UV creation and retention, advanced symmetry, robust snapping controls, and much more.

Create UVs the way you want

MODO takes the drudgery out of tedious UV creation tasks, with a toolset that integrates fully with modeling and selection workflows. You can even use falloffs and sculpting tools to deform, smudge and smooth your UVS.

Sculpt where you model

From roughing out terrain to creating highly detailed characters, MODO’s intuitive, high-quality sculpting toolset saves you time. Sculpting works side by side with modeling and painting for an uninterrupted workflow.

Nothing else touches MODO right out of the box. The modeling tools in MODO are first class as far as I’m concerned. This is super important for me since I’m always moving around from project to project and workstation to workstation. I need something that has very little maintenance and reliance on third party software. 
James Guard, Founder, Epsilon Studios

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