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What is OFX?

Where did my downloads/purchases go?

Having problems with Windows 7 licensing?

What is the System ID, and how do I display it?

How do I uninstall Foundry FLEXlm Tools (FFT) or Foundry Licensing Tools (FLT)?

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Can I transfer my license to another machine?

Having Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) licensing problems?

Experience "Invalid SystemID message" on newer Linux distros?

Which systems are not supported?

Are there any known issues with The Foundry COLLECTIVE Installers?

What happened to the option to buy MODO from the Community?

Why has this moved?

Will ALL of my purchases be in my online account with The Foundry?

Can I still purchase MODO, plug-ins, kits and training?

Where are the MODO trials?

How do I register a serial number that was purchased through the Community/Luxology store?

Where can I register a MODO a new The Foundry serial code?

How do I purchase the education version of MODO?

I have purchased MODO, where can I find the MODO Community?