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Learn MODO

We offer an online resource for all MODO artists, whether you’re just getting started, or want to learn more about a particular area—such as modeling, animation, texturing or dynamics. If you’re a 3ds Max artist, we also show you how MODO can enhance your 3D workflow with its complementary feature set.

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An introduction to MODO

Want to get an idea of what MODO’s all about? Check out this series of videos for a high-level introduction to MODO’s powerful and easy-to-use feature set.

MODO basics

Learn the MODO basics—from viewport navigation, through modeling, simulation, animation and rendering.

Getting started in MODO

New to MODO? Join our online classroom and get yourself up to speed right here.

MODO with 3ds Max

This tutorial series shows how MODO offers unique benefits to 3ds Max artists. If you're looking to expand your toolset, MODO makes creating digital content easier—no matter what package you’re currently using. 

Additional videos coming soon.

Animation in MODO

Learn timing, anticipation, squash and stretch and many more techniques, in this 12 part tutorial series. Brian Vowles explores the principles of animation using MODO, and breaks down the animation process so you can start creating your own sequences even with little or no experience.

MODO 801 interactive showcase

Get familiar with how things work inside MODO with the fun new interactive showcase that features customer-created assets and enhanced learning tools.

Tips and tricks

Learn how to get more out of MODO with this series of tips and tricks.


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